1. Properly adjust the clearance between hammer and screen
By adjusting the clearance between the hammer and the screen, the difference of hammer speed between the hammer and the material can be increased, thus the rate of increase can be obtained. However, in the process of feed consumption, sieve holes are different, raw materials are different, the gap between hammers and sieves needs to be adjusted frequently; in the Ultra-micro grinder, the particle composition of the inner chamber of the grinder will change after the grinder has just started to work and worked for a period of time; in the parts of the grinder, hammer is easy to wear, after the front end of the hammer is worn, the hammer and sieve will be changed. When the gap changes, the output will fall, which is difficult to endure. Of course, in order to meet the demand of output test of a crusher, the suitable hammer-sieve clearance and suction for a certain raw material, a certain sieve hole can obtain high crushing efficiency data in a short time without considering the service life of the sieve and hammer. However, in the consumption of feed crushing, this kind of operation can be carried out in a short time. The specific measurement data presented by the working experience of the personnel and the technical content of the crusher itself are two different things. The personnel with abundant operating experience and their labor also need high cost of application. When the hammer is worn, the clearance between the hammer and screen increases, the friction force decreases, and the grinding efficiency decreases.
2. Reasonable application of back burrs of sieve
Putting one side of the screen punch hair in it can increase friction, but it won't be long before the screen hole burr is polished and the efficiency is gone. It lasts about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
3. Increase suction
In the Ultra-micro grinder system, negative pressure is applied to absorb the material attached to the inside and outside of the screen, which increases the friction force of the material on the outside of the screen, and also increases the hammer and material hammering speed difference, but the increase of suction also increases the wear of the hammer and screen, and the efficiency is not durable. At the same time, the power consumption of suction increases.
4. Place a washboard in the crusher
The washboard has the function of resisting material ring, but its function is limited. First, the teeth of the washboard act on the front end of the hammer, the friction surface is small, and the wear of the hammer is also durable. Second, when the washboard occupies the wrap angle of the sieve, the area of the washboard is too large, and the output will be reduced if the sieve area is too small.
5. Using fish scale sieve Technology
There are many small protrusions on the surface of fish scale sieve, which can strengthen friction. Fish scale sieve does not occupy the corner of the sieve. It can increase the sieve area and make progress compared with the washboard. However, the protrusions of fish scale sieve are easy to wear and tear, the price is more expensive, and the implementation is very difficult. After calculating the increased output and offsetting the cost of sieving, the benefit is not obvious.
6. Using thin hammer technology
The thin hammer has a narrow profile (less than 4mm). Its principle is that it is not easy to stir up the material, and it is not easy to produce the tendency of material rotating at the same speed with the hammer. Under normal conditions, after using thin hammer in the same type of crusher, the output of the crusher can be increased by about 20% on the original foundation. The thin hammer technology is comparatively effective and very shady, which is very helpful to the sales of various crusher products, especially in the determination of the output of the crusher, short-term crushing is produced. The favorable condition of the machine consumer makes it easy to sell other products with inefficient technical characteristics. However, the service life of thin hammer is short, and it needs to be replaced in about 10 consecutive days. After removing the low-yield in the next few days and the money, time and labor cost of replacing hammer, the benefit is limited.
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