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RT impact superfine grinder is a gradual improvement of the original grinder. It participates in the impact principle and the internal suction classification system respectively.
In addition, the frequency conversion principle which is widely used in motor control industry in the world is introduced in motor control. It was originally designed to improve the grinding fineness and speed of the silent grinding mill and make it more adaptable. But with the improvement from time to time, especially after the upgrading of the cutter set, grinding part, impact part and grading system, it was found that they had made a complete machine in essence with the traditional grinder. Different excellent machines. Although up to now, the improvement of RT impact ultrafine grinder is still stopped, and will continue to improve in the future, we have been able to find many advantages. Let's take a look at the following points:
1、 细度:假如说研磨式超微粉碎机设定的粉碎细度是200-1200目,那么RT冲击式超微粉碎机能在适用的前提下到达的细度就是1000—10000目乃至更高,实测中,当RT冲击式超微粉碎机用于某化装品的粉碎时,能够比拟轻松的使得D50数值到达400纳米,D97小于1微米。另一个十分有意义的就是,RT冲击式超微粉碎机得到的粉碎细度能够在大范围内恣意调理并且坚持较窄的粒度散布。向下我们能够将它调理到普通粉碎机的120目以至更低的细度(这时分产量是很大的),向上简直能够到达纳米级别。这种功用和它配制的精细的分级机构以及恣意调理转速的变频电机是有着很大的关系的。它所到达的细度使得中药以及它能粉碎的其它物料在多个范畴得到良好的应用。超微中药微粉机
1. Fineness: If the grinding ultrafine grinder sets the grinding fineness of 200-1200 meshes, then the RT impact ultrafine grinder can reach 1000-10000 meshes or even higher under the applicable premise. In actual measurement, when the RT impact ultrafine grinder is used to crush a cosmetic, it can make the D50 easier than before. It reaches 400 nanometers and D97 is less than 1 micron. Another very meaningful thing is that the grinding fineness obtained by RT impact ultrafine grinder can be adjusted arbitrarily in a wide range and adhere to narrow particle size distribution. Downward we can adjust it to 120 meshes of ordinary crusher or even lower fineness (at this time the output is very large), upward we can almost reach nanometer level. This function has a great relationship with its fine grading mechanism and the frequency conversion motor which adjusts the speed arbitrarily. The fineness it achieves enables Chinese medicines and other materials that it can crush to be well applied in many fields. Ultramicro-micro-powder machine of traditional Chinese medicine
2、 产量:RT冲击式超微粉碎机的产量会随着细度、投料粒度的变化而变化,这要详细问题详细看待。我们在实验中用甘草原料经简单切断投料,并使得细度到达D50=6.8微米,这时分的产量是6Kg/小时,假如在细度请求一样的状况下,将投料粒度改到100目时,产量就会变成10-15Kg/小时,对应其匹配的5Hp(3.75Kw)电机来看,这样的能耗产出比真实是罕有匹敌了,单这一点而言,任何一个运用它的人都能够感遭到它在消费中的带来的低本钱。
2. Output: The output of RT impact ultrafine grinder will change with the change of fineness and feeding granularity, which should be treated in detail. In our experiment, Gansu grassland material was simply cut off and fed, and the fineness reached D50=6.8 micron. At this time, the output was 6Kg/hour. If the grain size of Gansu grassland material was changed to 100 meshes, the output would be 10-15Kg/hour, corresponding to the matching 5Hp(3.75Kw) motor, so the output would be 10-15Kg/hour. The energy consumption and output ratio is very rare compared with the real one. In this respect, anyone who uses it can feel the low cost it brings in consumption.
3、 降温方式与粉碎范围的广范性:RT冲击式超微粉碎机本身的散热比拟好,由于粉碎叶片带动的气流就会有很好的降温作用,所以在不加冷却剂的状况下,其粉碎品的温度能够控制在60摄氏度以内。这样固然能满足普通的请求,但关于许多特殊请求的物料就显得不够了。为理解决这个问题,RT别出心裁的参加了一个液氮注入口并在进风控制上配合液氮的进入。这是一个十分有效的打破,由于传统的冷却方式仅仅是机器外部的冷却或者是短暂的冷却,RT冲击式超微粉碎机却能够做到内部的彻底冷却以及连续的冷却,这个成果使得这一款机器的粉碎范围扩展到了多个范畴,如化工、金属、生物等。
3. Cooling mode and the wide range of crushing: RT impact ultrafine crusher itself has better heat dissipation, because the air flow driven by the crushing blades will have a good cooling effect, so without coolant, the temperature of its crushed products can be controlled within 60 degrees Celsius. Although this can satisfy ordinary requests, there is not enough material for many special requests. To solve this problem, RT participates in a liquid nitrogen injection port and cooperates with the liquid nitrogen injection in the air intake control. This is a very effective break, because the traditional cooling method is only external cooling or temporary cooling, RT impact ultra-fine crusher can achieve complete internal cooling and continuous cooling, this result makes the crushing range of this machine extended to a number of areas, such as chemical industry, metal. Biology, etc.
4、 防尘与脉冲防梗塞:与一切的粉碎机一样,RT也必需处理粉尘问题,其实这也用不着他们很省心思,由于现成的产品早已有之,拿来即可。台湾有十分好的防尘箱,里面选用的布袋捕集器号称透风不透粉,不过固然这样,有一点也必需思索到,就是RT的粉尘太细,难免会梗塞住布袋的,所以他们在布管处参加了脉冲气流放射安装,定期以强有力的气流激射布袋,就仿佛我们用手去弹一样,使得防尘的布袋不会被粉尘梗塞,能够长期运用。当然,这只是一个便当运用的小设计,在整体的机械性能里它不是重要的,能够把它看作是设计者以人为本的一处详细表现。
4. Dust and pulse anti-obstruction: Like all pulverizers, RT also has to deal with the dust problem. In fact, it does not need them to worry about it, because ready-made products already exist, can be brought. Taiwan has a very good dustproof box. The bag trap selected in it is called ventilated and impermeable powder. But of course, it is also necessary to consider that the dust of RT is too fine, which will inevitably obstruct the bag. Therefore, they took part in the installation of pulsed airflow radiation at the cloth pipe, and regularly lashed the bag with strong airflow. As if we use our hands to play, so that dust-proof cloth bags will not be obstructed by dust, can be used for a long time. Of course, this is just a small design that can be used conveniently. It is not the most important in the overall mechanical performance. It can be regarded as a detailed expression of the designer's people-oriented.
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